Coming to Ghana

Coming to Ghana (immigration issues)

Every visitor to Ghana requires a visa/entry permit, except for ECOWAS citizens and nationals from Kenya, Zimbabwe, Singapore, Trinidad and Tobago. Visas/Entry permits may be obtained from Ghana missions abroad.

Visitors from countries which do not have Ghana diplomatic missions may obtain visas on arrival upon prior application to the Director of Immigration. The visa is granted in a letter form, a copy of which must be forwarded to the visitor to enable them travel from their country. Upon arrival in Ghana this visa is then endorsed in the visitor’s passport as is required.

Visitor’s permit

After satisfying the relevant entry requirements, all categories of foreign travellers may be granted visitor’s permits to enter and remain in Ghana for a temporary period not exceeding:

  • Two months or 60 days, and
  • In the case of ECOWAS nationals, three months or 90 days.

A visitor’s permit is granted subject to the condition that the person to whom it is granted will not undertake any occupation or profession for reward, except such as may be specified in the permit.

Entry visas

These are obtained from Ghana missions abroad, and the application documents and timelines are based on the specific requirements of those missions.

Emergency entry visas

This is required in a situation where a foreigner wants to travel to Ghana at short notice from a country where Ghana has no mission or consulate.

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