Financing your Project


Financing your agribusiness investments in Ghana

Sourcing funds for an agribusiness investment is a major challenge in Ghana but the following organisations have gone beyond the horizon and have developed various financing packages for the agricultural sector. They include:

Source Description Contact Details
Venture Capital Trust Fund, Ghana


The Trust Fund is to provide financial resources for the development and promotion of venture capital financing for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in priority sectors of the economy.


Location: 12th Floor Premier Towers, Ministries, Accra

Telephone : +233 [0] 302 671 459

Fax: +233 [0] 302 672 590




Ghana Alternative Market (GAX) of the Ghana Stock Exchange


The Ghana Alternative Market (GAX) is a parallel market operated by the Ghana Stock Exchange. It focusses on businesses with potential for growth. The GAX accommodates’ companies at various stages of their development, including start-ups and existing enterprises, both small and medium.


Ghana Stock Exchange, 5th Floor, Cedi House, Liberia Avenue,

P.O. Box GP 1849, Accra

+233- 302-669-908, +233- 302-669-935,


Ghana Infrastructure Investment Fund The Ghana Infrastructure Investment Fund has been established pursuant to The Ghana Infrastructure Investment (GIIF) Act, Act 877 of 2014. GIIF’s mandate is to provide financial resource to manage, coordinate and invest in a diversified portfolio of infrastructure projects in Ghana for national development.


9th Floor, Accra World Trade Centre

Ridge Ambassadorial Enclave, Accra, Ghana.

Phone: +233 24 648 2838

Fax: +233 302 631 1422 / + 233 30 263 1141

Email: /



Ghana Angel Investor Network (GAIN)


The Ghana Angel Investor Network (GAIN) is a network of Angel investors with a passion for investing in early-stage businesses with significant growth prospects and the potential to generate superior returns.


12th Floor Premier Towers,

Ministries, Accra

Telephone: +233 [0] 303 935 097

Fax: +233 [0] 302 672 590





Acumen is a non-profit global venture fund that uses entrepreneurial approaches to solve the problems of poverty. Acumen uses patient capital to build businesses. It makes investments – loans or equity, not grants – that yield both financial and social returns.


West Africa, Accra, Ghana

A&C Square, No. 14 Jungle Road, East-Legon

P.O. Box CT8740, Accra, GHANA

T: +233 030 298 4098


Injaro Agricultural Capital Holdings Ltd


Injaro has been established with the aim of carrying out investment activities for advancing the social objectives of alleviating poverty and revitalizing distressed regions in West Africa. Injaro makes investments in debt, quasi-equity, and equity in small-and medium-sized enterprises along the agricultural value chain in designated countries of West Africa.


Don Levy House,

#225, 4th Dzorwulu Crescent ,

Airport West,


Tel. +233 302 950 917



Outgrowers’ and Value Chain Fund (OVCF)


The OVCF is a medium-long term refinancing vehicle for outgrowers in the agriculture value chain through a financial operator. This was established through collaboration between the Ministry of Food and Agriculture and the German Financial Cooperation through Kreditanstalt fur Wiederaufbau (KfW). Main targets are the smallholder commercial farmers. Ministry of Food and Agriculture

Box M 37, Accra – Ghana

+233 (0) 302 632 257

Export Trade, Agricultural & Industrial Development Fund (EDAIF) Now

Exim Bank


The fund aims to provide financial resources and assistance for the development and promotion of the export trade of Ghana. This is being transitioned into the Ghana Export-Import Bank (EXIM). Ministry of Trade and Industry Administrative Office Ministries Accra, Ghana.

Phone : +233 302 686-528

Phone : +233 302 686-525



Other traditional sources

Barclays Bank Ghana


Corporate Banking. Barclays

PO Box 2949. High Street

Accra Ghana.

Tel: +233 302680679


Ecobank Ghana


19 Seventh Avenue, Ridge West

P.O. Box AN 16746

Accra North – Ghana

Phone:(233) 302 68 11 46 or 8

Fax:(233) 302 68 04 28 or 37

Agricultural Development Bank


Accra Financial Centre,

3rd Ambassadorial Development Area,

Ridge-Accra, P.O. Box 4191,



Sinapi Aba Savings and Loans Limited


22A Ellis Avenue Nhyiaeso

P.O. Box 4911,

Kumasi- Ghana


Phone: +233 3220 – 30112 / 45358

Ghana Agricultural Insurance Programme (GAIP)


The Ghana Agricultural Insurance Programme (GAIP) was launched in 2011 with funding from GIZ to provide agricultural insurance for farmers and financiers of agriculture in Ghana. The Pool is made up of 19 non-life insurance companies in Ghana and it operates under the umbrella of the Ghana Insurers Association (GIA).

The pool is meant to protect farmers, agro-processors, rural and financial institutions and input dealers, among others, in the event of crop failure due to extreme weather conditions like drought, excess rainfall and floods. For further details, kindly contact the following:

+233 (0)540 500 085


Ghana Insurers Association

No. 248/9 Sunyani Avenue

P.O. Box 13930