Who we are

The Ghana Agribusiness Centre (GABC) is dedicated to promoting, encouraging and supporting agribusinesses in Ghana. We do this by inspiring agricultural entrepreneurs especially women and youth in areas of mentoring and incubation, internship placements, farmer business school, and the provision of general information on doing business in Ghana among others.

In our definition of agribusiness, we include research, farmland, climate change, agriculture and food technology, food processing, marketing, storage, transportation, and all businesses in the agricultural value chain.

Our online news coverage will deliver fresh reporting on the businesses, the people, the deals and the data that are driving these communities and also showcase hand-selected, third-party commentary and research from industry leaders.

The online market platform provides a powerful spot exchange linking buyers and sellers to connect easily, reliably and cost-effectively.

Specifically, the Centre has been set up to help address the following challenges of agriculture in Ghana:


Underperforming value chains

Through the farmer business school, we provide both online and onsite training free of charge to entrepreneurs on various aspect of agribusiness, including good agronomic practices, farm management, marketing, sourcing of funds, post-harvest management and climate change.

Lack of access to input and output markets

We have developed an agricultural market platform that facilitates trading among the various actors of the value chain. We establish linkages, supervise the transactions and ensure integrity in the process.

Gap between academia training and industry

We have an internship placement request on the platform that support graduates from various agricultural related programmes to have hands on industrial experience with existing agribusinesses in Ghana. With this, we help bridge the gap between the academia and the industries.

Limited inclusivity, sustainability and nutrition

Research has shown that women provide about 80% of the world’s food. Through our mentorship and incubation network, we encourage women and youth to see agriculture as a viable business venture, by attaching them to mentors who train and support them to grow. We also promote nutrition through the mentorship and incubation programme in collaboration with Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

Lack of Access to information

Vast opportunities exist in the agribusiness sector and the only way to take advantage of these opportunities is to be informed. As a centre we commit ourselves to providing all relevant information needed to make an informed business decision. We provide information on the business climate, resources, service providers, current news, trends, investment opportunities, grants, events, sources of finance among others.

The centre is not only aiding improvement in the agribusiness climate, it is also creating jobs for young graduates who are recruited on the platform. There is the need to expand our activities, add more services and recruit more graduates to support the platform. We currently have 7 staff working directly and indirectly for the platform.

We welcome all forms of support to aid our activities.